DEVOTIONAL – As Grains of Sand-Part 2

As the Grains of Sand – Part 2

The vast and powerful waters overwhelm me as my eyes scan the breadth of the ocean. The water’s movement is not random. The waves press forward, swelling with a rhythm that is noticeable as the tide washes the shore each time, shifting the sand below. Can you picture it? Can you imagine the power that the water holds?

FURYLike each grain of sand, we are uniquely shaped and designed by the Creator of the universe. Like the pebbles and shells in the water, also our edges are softened as His Word continually washes over us.

“That he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word,”  Eph 5:26

This washing over us is a continual work in our lives. He will carry it to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. [Philippians 1:6] His cleansing through the blood is like water that washes the sand on the shores. While we look to the sand as an example of how uniquely each of us is created, like the powerful waters that wash onto the shore, the source of that power is overwhelming. There is a grace that flows from the cross that is so overwhelming and so powerful that we cannot contain it. Let’s be caught in the current of this powerful grace. Let is wash over us, sanctifying and cleansing us. Look to the cross, where his grace flows and get caught in the current of his grace.

Prayer:  Heavenly Father, Wash me today with the grace that flows from the cross today. Cleanse me from sin and soften my edges that continues to show the good work that you are doing in me.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

by Laurie Marks Vincent. – copyright, The Little Book of Abundance.  Please do not copy without the expressed written permission of the author.


DEVOTIONAL – As the Grains of Sand

10553367_513666855399699_1378142939586193954_nPart 1

A few summers ago, we took a trip to Florida and I remember one specific afternoon that we spent at Daytona Beach. The water was vast, and shimmered in the sun with a heavenly blue. It’s power and depth really made me step back. I was overwhelmed by the beauty of God’s creation. I sat down in the edge of the water and just soaked up the view in front of me. My hands started to play in the soft white sand and then I looked into my hands. Each grain of sand, was unique. The sand itself was made of flecks and shapes, and none of them were the same. It was really a very personal experience with God at that moment, knowing that his creativity was far beyond my own imagination. In that moment I was reminded that this whole world is made with God’s master mind of invention and design. The most wonderful thought for me was being reminded that I was a part of that amazing design.

Like the grains of sand, we are shaped and honed by the master designer, unique by his plan. Even though you may be a twin, or there is someone that looks similar to you, there will always be differences. Like the grains of sand, we are shaped by our environment. The waters that carry us, smooth our edges, and the storms may literally heave us into a new place in our lives. No matter what, we remain a unique design that God is continually shaping as he carries us through the waters. Like the grains of sand, enjoy the ride on the waves. Trust in him and take in the changes. You are not floating aimlessly. The tide is directed by his hand and no matter where you land, he is with you. He has purposed each second of your life. Your days and all of their details are written down personally by the hand of God. You are a “one-of-a-kind” and like the stars, the snowflakes and the sand, his dreams for your life are just as unique.

“Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.” — Psalm 139:16

by Laurie Marks Vincent. – copyright, The Little Book of Abundance.  Please do not copy without the expressed written permission of the author.


Hi Everyone,

Thanks so much for stopping by to get an update. It’s been a great summer and there is still so much that is happening, but I’m really excited to share a few things that are about to be released.

TCT Television Appearance

On July 28th, 2016 I had the privilege of sharing my testimony and music ministry on the Orchard Park TCT Network. I’ll have video available to post here on the website soon for you to watch.  TV appearances in Detroit Michigan and others will follow later.

“A King’s Daughter”

21 days headerIn the midst of the details to complete the new CD “Steady Ground”, I am working on a devotional book for women and our identity in Christ. Many women have received the daily devotionals as a preview of what’s to come. This book provides 21 days to renew your mind and spirit as we look at ourselves through the eyes of Grace, Jesus Christ. It also includes daily reflection, a new declaration of who we are in Christ each day, as well as a prayer to reflect on each day and supplementary chapters to summarize the message of this book. The book will be released in the Fall, 2016.

Sept-10-Poster-websize“An Evening of Faith and Hope”

I will be a part of the ministry at this event, sharing music ministry, hosted by Helen and Leroy Hibbert. Helen will also be singing and speakers include Rev. Valerie Hibbert and Rev. Stephen Henry.  This is a family ministry and I’m pleased to be invited to share in ministry with them for the evening.  If you’re in the London area, please come and join us.  Admission is Free, Ramada Inn, Exeter Road, London Ontario at 6 PM in the Somerset Room.

Going to Radio
This Fall I will also be releasing a new radio show on a syndicated network. I’m excited about what the Lord has opened and when the time is right I’ll share all the details.  The Autumn Ministry Focus begins soon. Be sure to stay tuned for more details on this and more exciting news. We can surely say, “God did that! All Glory to him!”

This Fall I”ll be focusing on a special campaign for our Special Projects begins. This includes the “Love Life Project” and the “Global Outreach Evangelism Project.” You’ll be hearing more about this and so be sure to stay tuned for more details on this and other exciting news. We can surely say, “God did that! All Glory to him!”

Many blessings in Christ,

10 WORDS OF WISDOM & QUOTES (some stuff life throws at us)

1) A chronic liar will not only believe his own lies but shares them wth others behind your back. That makes them a liar and a gossiper.

2) People who enable others to cause trouble are like a sore that never heals. They never let go and it makes them look like a fool, undesirable, impish and cowardly.

3) When you try to keep the past alive, by intruding on the lives of people who have exited your life, it only makes you look like a fool when the security man eventually drags you away.

4) When you take the feelings of others lightly, you distance yourself from love, as well as deep and authentic relationships.

5) When you leave God out of the equation, he can’t help you.

6) An anchor that falls to the ground cannot secure you in the storm, without a chain attached to it. Such is the case with hope as your anchor, because you need faith, like the chain, to secure you through the storm.
7) Daily acknowledging there is a Creator, puts your heart in the right place with a bigger perspective on life.

8) Daily acknowledging that you need to be rescued, means that you understand you cannot save yourself.

9) When you focus on fear, the negative and worry, they can lead your steps astray. Find freedom from these things before you are literally destroyed by your own words.

10) The only one who can make you truly complete is the one who made you. The original designer has the master blue-prints.

You are welcome to share this link but please do not copy without expressed written permission from the author. Laurie Marks Vincent

Women’s Conference May 28th

Just for the ladies, I’ll be hosting the Afternoon at the “Afternoon Splash” Women’s Conference on May 28th. Other speakers include Melinda Estabrooks (100 Huntley Street) and Kelly Franklin, with worship and more !  Join Sisters in Christ across the region in the Christian Faith, for this faith-lifting event.  Watch the video below for more details.   Visit the Official Website and Get Tickets



Ladies’ Spring Tea – March 4, 2016


Hear the whole story! Laurie will be sharing her journey of faith, that led to when the Lord miraculously healed her of an ailment that she struggled with for 13 years. Come and enjoy some refreshments and a word that will encourage and build your faith, preparing you to stand in your faith through out this new year. Tickets are just $5.00 in advance plus a love offering at the event

Visit for more details and tickets.

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Starting the New Year!

Wow! Was Christmas busy!

Lots of time with family and friends, enriching our spirits in the Word of God, laughter and food. I pray that you had a wonderful time as well, with family and friends, celebrating the birth of our Savior.

I’m also glad to let you know that my Devotional Series, “From Advent to New Year” is now available for instant download. All proceeds to go to ministry projects, and you can find it listed on the menu above under “Writing”.

A new Ministry Introduction has also been created.  It is especially made avaiable through email to Pastor’s and Women’s Ministry as well as Christian Organizations etc.  You are welcome to watch it here.

Happy New Year and may his Spirit go with you, in your comings and goings in every season of life.