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Do you look at someone who has had a breakthrough in their life and then wonder why they still struggle if their faith is so great? There is a fallacy that says, “Oh if you’re a Christian, and you’ve had all these miracles in your life, then all your troublesContinue Reading

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Hi Friends, Grab a cup of coffee or tea and sit back for a moment.  It’s so great to hear from those who regularly follow my posts on Facebook.  It has been a ministry of its own apart from all that I do.  I do want to thank you forContinue Reading

Come to the Cross is an evangelistic song with a powerful story in the song. The song was the result of a vision God showed me and he is leading me now to finish the music production and recording of this “Passion Song”. I will be sharing a video about the story behindContinue Reading

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Christmas is a time of celebration. While we celebrate the Christmas season, many warn of its Pagan roots. It’s true that Jesus was not born on Dec 25th. Long ago, the Roman Catholic Church may have designated this date as Christ’s birth, perhaps as a means to distract people fromContinue Reading

We’re just one week away from this very special event. It’s an intimate evening of stories and songs, to celebrate the season, held at the cozy Fireside Grill in London Ontario.  There will be a Dinner and Fellowship time at 6:15 pm and a concert at 7 pm. The deadline for AdvanceContinue Reading

Hey Everyone, I’m really excited to share this song with you. There is quite a story and a journey for me personally behind this song and why I wrote it. I hope to share this story when the timing is right.  I’m also very thankful for the opportunity to recordContinue Reading