“Church Hurt”, Healing and the Root Cause

Throughout my ministry, I have encountered people who have been seeking consolation and understanding because they have experienced deep wounds caused by Church Leadership or members of the local body.  We’re not talking about small offences that just simply need clarification. We’re talking about feelings of abandonment, control, suppression, and a number of other means. … Read More “Church Hurt”, Healing and the Root Cause

Devotional, Member Benefits

Biblical Giving

Coming alongside a vision for ministry is a completely Biblical principle. The whole purpose as the Body of Christ is to be Co-laborers in Christ together for the sake of the Gospel. As Co-laborers, the Father personally oversees the blessing because of our giving, (Luke 6:38) as well as the open doors and growth that… Read More Biblical Giving


WISDOM LIKE GOLD “Conditional Relationships”

(Relationships in Leadership) “Conditional relationships” are based on one or both person’s need. These relationships are not based on pure acceptance or mutual partnership because when one party of the relationship forms an opinion about the other, a judgemental perspective forms and then they distance themselves from the relationship. Communication to discuss these discrepancies is… Read More WISDOM LIKE GOLD “Conditional Relationships”