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DEVOTIONAL: Seeing Struggles instead of Faith

Do you look at someone who has had a breakthrough in their life and then wonder why they still struggle if their faith is so great? There is a fallacy that says, “Oh if you’re a Christian, and you’ve had all these miracles in your life, then all your troubles are gone and your life is just “peachy” now. Well, let me tell you that peaches also bruise easily! Perhaps you look at people who have accomplished things and then question that they should even have struggles? If you question other people’s walk of faith based on their troubles or successes, then your eyes are not on Jesus. As a Believer in Jesus, can you honestly say that your own life is without struggle either?

Struggles and trials are meant to draw us closer to the Lord, but that’s not all. They are meant to teach us to climb higher, to learn to trust God more and to learn more about how to walk in the measure of faith we possess. Sometimes we wonder why we end up going through certain struggles when we are praying for it to change. There are times when we go through these struggles because God already knows he can trust us to go through it with his grace. He can then use us in a greater capacity.

Each person’s journey will be different, but the lessons we learn are always similar. Many of those lessons teach us to trust God more, to walk humbly, and to walk in the authority we have in Christ. As we go through struggles in life, God uses these lessons to prepare us. What is God preparing us for? He’s preparing each of us to walk in our destiny and our calling, as an overcomer in Christ. Whatever you’re facing, it’s important to remember to take your eyes off others who seem to be doing better than you, or those you question should have greater faith.

The Word of God gives us the instruction we need to change our perspective, and move our eyes from others.

Proverbs 3:5-6 (ISV)

5 TRUST IN THE LORD with all your heart,
6 In all your ways ACKNOWLEDGE HIM,
and he will make YOUR paths straight.

Step 1 – Trust the Lord
Step 2 – Don’t assume you understand or know what’s best
Step 3 – Acknowledge him, or consult him for direction
Step 4 – Let him lead you. He will make your paths straight.

What is Christmas Really About?

Christmas is a time of celebration. While we celebrate the Christmas season, many warn of its Pagan roots. It’s true that Jesus was not born on Dec 25th. Long ago, the Roman Catholic Church may have designated this date as Christ’s birth, perhaps as a means to distract people from the Pagan practices of the Winter Solstice. There are many clues in scripture and Historians have learned that Jesus was actually born in the Spring. However, there is something wondrous about the love of God. The date does not matter when it comes to behold the Savior. We can celebrate his saving grace, and receive his peace and redemption at any time. Now, at Christmas time, the celebration intensifies because it seems the whole world is waiting, watching and listening for a message of hope. He is the hope that the world is looking for. Use this time, to remind others that he loved us so much that he left his throne in glory, humbled himself and was born as a babe. He made it a mission to spend time with his own creation. Tell people that through his birth, his time on earth and death and resurrection, that he demonstrated his love for us and every single soul, past, present and future, on this earth.

NEW SONG – Everyday Miracles

Hey Everyone,

I’m really excited to share this song with you. There is quite a story and a journey for me personally behind this song and why I wrote it. I hope to share this story when the timing is right.  I’m also very thankful for the opportunity to record this song and really appreciate the support of Life 100.3, Canada’s Christian Superstation, that sponsored this recording costs of this song. All the glory belongs to God.

This is a simple lyric video for the song Everyday Miracles. I pray you’ll enjoy it and find it a blessing.

The Hurdles of Life

While it’s not the most shocking or surprising topic, everyone needs a word of encouragement that helps to get us over the hurdles of life,   I pray this comes at the right time to encourage you in your journey.


Life in 5 - The Hurdles in Life YouTube play




New Events Coming Up

Event – Online with Laurie – Music & Ministry.

This is a special video presentation of music and testimony with a time of ministry. Released later in April, I’ll have a pre-recorded video made available for those who sign up to receive it.

The video explains the details and you’ll find the sign-up form below.

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Chained or Changed Women’s Conference

Presented by Seeds of Promise International, I am so looking forward to this excellent weekend of ministry to women and the opportunity to share the “Unbreakable Woman” Message.

“Saturday only” rates may be available. Please inquire about details and more information by calling the phone number on the poster below.


“Just For Girls”…. Mother’s Day at Clearview Community Church

I’ll be ministering at Clearview Community Church in Stayner Ontario.  It is a brunch for women on Saturday, May 13th from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.  This will be a fun morning with lots of laughter and an encouraging word for women in general, as well as a celebration for every Mother there. More details coming soon.

Faith Forward

Enjoy a “Wings To Victory” Radio Devotional.

Heard on Racman Christian Radio and the WJIC Radio Network and the Cpop Network

Listen to “Faith Forward” on Spreaker.
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