Hi Friends, Due to a malfunction in the “Instant Updates” plugin on the website, I have disabled it. God is doing amazing things and I would so love to share with you to celebrate and connect together. If you wish to receive the latest news, I promise you, it’s amazing,Continue Reading

Do you look at someone who has had a breakthrough in their life and then wonder why they still struggle if their faith is so great? There is a fallacy that says, “Oh if you’re a Christian, and you’ve had all these miracles in your life, then all your troublesContinue Reading

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Christmas is a time of celebration. While we celebrate the Christmas season, many warn of its Pagan roots. It’s true that Jesus was not born on Dec 25th. Long ago, the Roman Catholic Church may have designated this date as Christ’s birth, perhaps as a means to distract people fromContinue Reading

Hey Everyone, I’m really excited to share this song with you. There is quite a story and a journey for me personally behind this song and why I wrote it. I hope to share this story when the timing is right.  I’m also very thankful for the opportunity to recordContinue Reading


While it’s not the most shocking or surprising topic, everyone needs a word of encouragement that helps to get us over the hurdles of life,   I pray this comes at the right time to encourage you in your journey.        

Event – Online with Laurie – Music & Ministry. This is a special video presentation of music and testimony with a time of ministry. Released later in April, I’ll have a pre-recorded video made available for those who sign up to receive it. The video explains the details and you’llContinue Reading

Enjoy a “Wings To Victory” Radio Devotional. Heard on Racman Christian Radio and the WJIC Radio Network and the Cpop Network Listen to “Faith Forward” on Spreaker. I’m raising funds to upgrade new audio and video equipment in order to share the Gospel more efficiently abroad. If you enjoyed thisContinue Reading