Would you join me as a “Days of Grace” Ambassador?   Get a free copy of my new book “Days of Grace” released this Spring for participating as a Days of Grace Ambassador.

As an Ambassador of Christ, you represent Christ and stands up for what you believe, found in God’s Word. I’m looking for Ambassadors that will share the good news.

On my facebook page, my focus is to post words of encouragement, insight from scripture, as well as declarations of blessings.  These are all messages of God’s Grace, seasoned with the Word of God.  There will also be the usual ministry updates and activities and even some musical appearances too.

As a “Days of Grace” Ambassador, I would like to challenge you to “share”, “like” and/or comment on these Grace messages or any of my posts when you see them on your newsfeed. This doesn’t mean that you have to sit and wait for posts or go looking for them. You may wish to save my facebook page in your favourites — here is the link —   http://www.facebook.com/LMVministry to make things easier for you. What is important to know is that each “share” “Like” or “comment” helps to keep the post alive so that the words of life can continue to circulate and be seen by others.  Share the Grace, share the blessings, share the words that challenge and bring revelation.

As a “Days of Grace” Ambassador, you will receive free downloads and a copy of Days of Grace when it’s published in 2019, just for saying thank you for your support and sharing the Grace of God with others on social media,

Filling out the form below reserves your copy of Days of Grace free of charge when it’s released in Spring 2019.

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