speaking pic 1During the years that Laurie suffered from Fibromyalgia, she spent late nights writing songs, in spite of the pain. This birthed new songs and a deeper walk with God. These songs are included on the CD, “Love So Amazing”, and minister to others, as deeply as they did for her. Her testimony encompasses these songs in live performances, ministering to individuals on many levels.

Laurie speaks on a number of topics including her personal testimony.

Victorious Woman (Also known as Unbreakable Woman)

Combined with Laurie’s natural humor, this powerful message of healing impacts women’s well-being, spiritually, emotionally and physically in their faith and walk with God. View brief video clips of Laurie’s feature message for women, entitled “Victorious Woman”

The Secret of the Mustard Seed

Why did Jesus compare faith to a mustard seed? Laurie shares truths that ignite your faith and challenges growth in your walk with God.

The Jesus ID

Laurie weaves her story of personal struggle with her music and reveals who we are in Christ. Through scripture, she shares the treasures that belong to us, as our inheritance through Christ.

Written in Stone

What we believe affects our success. Laurie shares the half truths that held her back and the revelation through a dream God gave her, that set her free.

Other topics include: speaking pic 2

“Roaring Lions”, “Words of Life” and “When Prayer Hurts”.
Laurie will also prepare messages focused on the theme of your event.

Target Audience and Events

General Audience, Women, young women, conferences/events – Special Occasions

Why Book Laurie For Your Event?

Laurie brings transparency and truth
She is non-judgemental, personal and real
Your audience will be moved, feel understood and challenged in their walk with God.
She is naturally humorous and comfortable communicating with audiences.
Her songs enhance the messages she speaks through the lyrics and how she weaves them throughout the presentations.

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