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Every genuine work in the Kingdom of God that is making an impact needs the joint effort of the Body of Christ, to continue growing.  In John 6:1-14, Jesus used just two fish and 5 barley loaves to feed 5000 people.  God can do so much more when we commit what we already have to him.  Your support is so vital to the growth of this vision for ministry.  Without your support, the production of music that touches and ministers deeply cannot be done.  The “Victorious Woman” tour, and the powerful message that ministers to women will not happen.  The Wings To Victory Radio Devotionals that already reach more than 500,000 through Christian radio from New York to the United Kingdom and Ireland, has been stalled.  It’s so important that we see beyond ourselves to the bigger picture that changes and impacts the eternal salvation of people.

For a $35.00 donation, (tax-deductible), Laurie would like to say thank you. As a gift, you will receive one of Laurie custom designed mugs she has made.  You will receive a choice of 2 mugs for a $50.00 donation. These mugs are not available anywhere else.   

Giving Levels

Hope Sponsor $35.00 donation – gift – 1 mug    OR   Vision Sponsor $50 donation – gift – 2 mugs  
Angel Sponsor $75.00 – gift – 3 mugs   OR   Eagle Sponsor $100 – gift – 4 mugs

Step 1 Choose your mug design Step 2 Fill out the form Step 3 Proceed to the donation page.

Please be aware that colors are not exact because every computer displays slightly differently

Path of Life – on white, black or orange mug

Unfailing Love, on a white, black or orange mug


Children of God Mug   (on black or white mug)

Like Eagles Mug (on black mug)

Lead and Guide Mug  (on black mug)

Through Christ Mug (orange or white mug)











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  • Unfailing Love on black mug
  • Unfailing Love on white mug
  • Unfailing Love on orange mug
  • Path of Life on white mug
  • Path of Life on orange mug
  • Path of Life on black mug
  • Like Eagles on black mug
  • Children of God on white mug
  • Children of God on black mug
  • Through Christ on white mug
  • Through Christ on orange mug
  • Lead & Guide on black mug
  • No Gift or Mug Choice for me, thank you
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