What really happened to February? I feel like it took me down under the rushing waters and just about drowned me. But, there was no way that the Lord would let that happen. I am just now rising above the waters as March breaks open wide.

I was really sick in February. I was not myself and I found that I was really limited. Not able to focus, not able to dream, not able to manage at all. Off my feet literally for three weeks, I tested positive for Covid-19. This terrible contagious virus seemed familiar. I recognized it from years before when I had become sick. Now it has a new name, Covid-19. My mom helped to look after me, picking up my dirty tissues that missed the garbage can. My husband did not isolate away me from me and kissed me often on the cheek. No isolating, no distancing. I couldn’t even walk myself to the bathroom at first. I needed their help. Yet, neither of them caught this highly contagious virus. Even when the Health Unit called to check up on me, I had none of the common symptoms, yet I was Covid positive. Hummmmm … and apparently, because this bug seems oh so familiar, did I have Covid years before it ever surfaced as a pandemic? If that’s what it really was.

While I’m skeptical about what’s really going on, to me, it feels like a “false-positive” or very unreliable Covid test kits. However, there was one thing I could count on. One that was certain and reliable. It was the grace of God. Even when I was not strong, he was strengthening me. Even when my ears were plugged from the virus, he was speaking to me. Even when I choked, he was feeding me and giving me living water. He was always available for whatever I needed. Yet, not always was I willing to receive though. As I said, I was not myself. Physical exhaustion took over and I needed time to heal.

On the last legs of this bug, God did not stop moving. As I began to breathe again, he opened doors for the ministry, increased my level, and dropped miracles my way. So much is in development and I really can’t broadcast the news yet, but you might have seen some clues as you read along. I’ll be announcing everything, frame by frame very soon, but I want you to know this one thing …

Through all of this, I am reminded of this truth. God never stops moving mountains on your behalf for your tomorrows. Yet, today he is preparing you for what’s ahead. All along, he is right there with you in your today. No matter what comes your way, he is a friend who sticks closer than a brother, even when you push him aside, and even when you feel like your drowning in troubled waters. In his mind, everything that is empowered by his hand and the Kingdom of God is still pressing forward as he had planned and has ” chosen” before the foundations of the earth.

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