Spewing From Within. (A heart to heart about the Lockdown)

We are created in the image of God. He loves and watches over us because we are precious to him. As our Creator, he has given us a soul and a spirit, that is held inside a physical container called the body. We most definitely address what we see first, which is the body, our physical appearance. Tending to the spirit and the soul is equally important for a balanced life. If you look for fulfillment through relationships, a “bottle” or other substances, then you are ignoring your feelings by creating distractions. Your soul suffers. As a matter of fact, the human soul suffers to the point of emotional pain, and destruction of relationships, even to the point of mental health and physical harm.

Your soul is your personality and is made up of your mind, (not your physical brain). It is also your will, determining the choices you make, your conscience, which assesses your good and bad morals and convictions, your desires, and your emotions. Your soul needs to “breathe in” positive “impressions” such as encouragement, affirmation, awareness of identity, and the purpose of existence. The function of your spirit is to communicate with God because the scriptures tell us that God is spirit. Communicating with God is a spirit to spirit connection. Your spirit is your receptor that connects you to him. You can also fill your spirit with other spiritual sources, and that’s a different topic. However, whatever you fill your life with, fills your spirit and soul. Then, you act on or respond physically from your soul. It comes out and is revealed in what you do and say. For example, when you help someone in need or when you give to a charity, doesn’t that feel good? That is your soul, otherwise known as “your heart”, responding to the need. The “good feeling” is your emotions responding from your soul. You know that you accomplished something beautiful that will make a difference. The soul can also react outwardly with anger, offense, blame, fear, mistrust, and doubt, as well as other negative words or actions. When this happens, it’s like a sewer that spews from within.

I say all this so that we can look in the mirror during this time. It’s not the physical we need to look at but it’s the soul that we need to reflect on. Perhaps what I have shared is insightful for you and you may have more clarity about a specific area of your life. That’s wonderful! Yet, at this time I want to focus specifically on the past few months caused by Co-vid 19.

During this season, while in “lockdown” there has been so much debate on all fronts. It ranges from political maneuvers, conspiracy theories to the effectiveness and practices of wearing a mask. If we view it all simply as “information” then we can evaluate what is helpful to us personally. However, if we view the information only as other people’s points of view, without respect, it’s easy to get our backs up against the wall and respond with an offensive heart. I have noticed this a lot on Facebook. We have not been careful to temper our words with gentleness, but rather infuse them with hostility and arrogance. Among the Family of God, this is disheartening and hurtful to our Heavenly Father. We let our “soul issues” block the Light. As a result, God’s love within us is barricaded, and the flow stops. Our words are not infused with his Love, and therefore, we do not reflect him onto others.

We need to look deeply at our souls. The function of our soul is ultimately to express or illustrate the life of our Creator God outwardly. Essentially, we should be expressing who God called us to be. Are we responding with love that bubbles up from God or are we reacting from the negative, tense, and carnal posture of our soul? The good news is that there is also instruction that brings wisdom.

3 John 1:2 says, “Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.”

It’s clear that this scripture shows how our success in all areas of life is directly impacted by how you and I take care of our souls. I encourage you today! In a relationship with the Heavenly Father, through Jesus, you will do well to take care of your soul. When we allow God to tend to the afflictions of our soul, relationships can be healed, it’s easier to forgive, it’s easier to let go, hearts become whole, and our perspective on life is far better. This is all for the purpose of spiritual growth and sanctification. What does SANCTIFICATION mean? It means to be free from sin, dedicated to God, and purified so that you are productive and made ready for spiritual and eternal blessing.

Let God’s Light be the mirror that reveals what needs to be addressed. Then, his Love can flow, and fulfill his purpose in us; to love and be loved, as our Heavenly Father loves us.

“And the God of peace Himself SANCTIFY YOU WHOLLY, and may your spirit and soul and body be preserved complete, WITHOUT BLAME, at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.”
1 Thessalonians 5:23

Sincerely, with nothing but God’s love and peace to you 

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