videomediaLaurie has released several songs and recordings in the past. Recordings currently available are the last two, “Love So Amazing” and “Tell The Story”. Hard copies of “Love So Amazing” are currently sold out.

As a songwriter, Laurie writes inspiring faith-filled messages in the lyrics and music that minister to the heart.

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A blend of 13 songs of classic and contemporary Gospel songs available for download. Especially selected from over 22 years of Laurie’s songwriting and recording. Watch the video for music samples. Only $7.99 (Canadian)

Simply download and enjoy!

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Tell The Story


A mix of classic & contemporary with a fresh, majestic arrangement of hymns. as well as songs written by Laurie. This CD includes “Holy Holy Holy”. a duet with Kevin Pauls. (available on the physical CD – send a request to order)

Tell The Story |
What A Friend | 
The Story of Jesus Medley

Holy Holy Holy | 
Heart For The Harvest | 
Where The River Runs

PLUS —  “Healing Waters Flow” “He Leads Us On” “Stained With Love” “All Hail The Power”

Purchase CD —  $11.99 includes shipping

Love So Amazing

love-so-amazing-CDThe songs written during the time Laurie was ill with Chronic Fatigue, depression and Fibromyalgia, that became the catalyst to receive her healing from the Lord. You can also order Laurie’s book that shares the important highlights of her testimony.

Hard Copy of the CD is currently sold out. ONLY AVAILABLE for Download Online.  The songs are sent to you in a folder, to your email.

Love So Amazing | 
Let It Rain | 
In The Fire

Under The Shadow | 
O God | 
How Great You Are

PLUS four more songs


Just $7.99