Hey Friends,

It’s been a while, but I have a good reason for such a slow update.

I finished my last engagement for the Spring on June 2nd.  Every event this Spring has been wonderful and I’ve seen God touching so many hearts, from Seniors groups, Sunday morning church services to Women’s groups too.

On June 3rd, I woke up and had no voice. Days went by and I started to have a voice, but it sounded like Mickey Mouse. A terrible virus hit my sinuses and bronchial tubes all at once. My voice box was shut down. I pulled an “all-nighter” being treated at a hospital and returned home. No one at my home church except my Pastor, a few friends, and the church secretary heard hide nor hair of me (except by email or quick phone call) until the 3rd week of July.  At this point, it’s been a little bit up and down as I recover. Sometimes, my voice is there, and sometimes it’s not.  An evaluation from a vocal coach “Karen Lane O’Connor” says when I can sing, it sounds really good, but my voice is still healing.  As a result, besides a few short sprints of a song here or there, I won’t be doing any lengthy concerts for a while.   I did accept an opportunity to share a few songs at a Ladies’ Summer Brunch on Aug, 12th along with a brief devotional. It was well received with grace and understanding, since the Holy Spirit ministers through the words and music, thankfully, and is not dependent on how good my voice sounds.

Way back in February, I injured my left hip. I have hobbled through all my Spring ministry engagements, expecting that it’s going to heal sooner or later if I just rest it and use ice and heat along the way.   It was very laborsome and I could tell that my body was compensating for the imbalance. Doctors kept showing me stretches I could do. They suggested that I do aquafit, physiotherapy and core strengthening exercises. I saw a few specialists but the more I tried to do what they recommended, the worse it has become. During the first week of July, my left hip seemed to snap into place but left throbbing pain. It’s never been the same. Over the last week, the pain has increased so badly and the inability to walk any length of time has become overwhelming at times.  A heating pad has become my home base.

On Wednesday, Aug 2,  I had an MRI with the dye injected into my left hip so that it would be a “high contrasting image” on the MRI. Before the MRI, I met with my radiologist and she told me that they were looking for a labral tear in the left hip joint. She discussed my symptoms with me and although I do not have the results of my MRI yet, (not til Aug 21)  the radiologist is pretty certain that this is my problem. The worse case scenario is that I will need surgery to repair the labral tear OR I choose to continue walking with this pain, like a lame duck and eventually face a total hip replacement. The best case scenario (in the natural) is that the tear is minor and the treatment will require a lot of down time, rest and limited mobility, either way, I will face some prolonged physiotherapy without a miracle. Another scenario is that it is not a labral tear at all, and we continue to find the right medical help. While I want to believe for a miracle, as many of us know, the process doesn’t always bring an instant miracle. In addition, doctors have realized that I may have damaged the left and right Piriformis muscle due to a bad fall I had in 2013, that is now complicating problems even more. This is a muscle that lays over of your Sciatica in the lower back. I am now experiencing numbing in my hips, through my legs and feet. It’s minor at this point, but I want to avoid any further damage. This is very discouraging and frustrating for me, as I have been attempting to raise funds for the “Blessing Fund” so that there are funds to provide for families in crisis. I am also embarking on a fundraising campaign to complete a new CD (50% done) but WHAT I REALLY NEED RIGHT NOW, (besides your prayers that I deeply treasure) is to simply rest in the Lord… and an electric scooter to get to doctor’s appointments and help me get around, shopping etc.  I’ve often used my ministry income to help support the costs of past events for the ministry to the Christian Women Fellowship in my region, and this means that without ministry engagements because I need time to heal, I have no income.   I do this with a passionate servant’s heart. The Lord has always come through just in time, and I continue to trust him to provide. At this point, in all the times that I have been instrumental in gathering funds through the charity, for others who are in need, now, I am in need. I am a little weary and although I am believing for a miracle, it can take some time to see past the overwhelming circumstances and gain the inner strength to rise up in faith. I remember well because it was a 13-year journey with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, and Depression before the Lord miraculously healed me.  Thank you for your prayers and support. I would love to hear from you and I appreciate your prayerful feedback tremendously, more than you know.

I will resume recording new radio devotionals for WJIC, the Cpop Network and Racman Christian Radio in a few weeks. I will also be preparing for Women’s Event “Fall into Jesus” with Joanne Goodwin, scheduled for Sept 22, 2017. See details here.  I’m also looking forward to what God will do in 2018 since I have seen that churches and organizations have already booked me for the year ahead. Organizations, specifically “pro-life” organizations will be a new experience since I will also be sharing in highschools too.

There have been some ministry developments with new music but I can’t release that information yet because of the work in progress. When the time is right, I will not waste time getting the news out to you.

Thank you for your heartfelt sincere prayers and God bless you.

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