Hello Friends,

I’m trying to post more frequently. It’s just a lot for one person to stay on top of. Even though we’ve been on lockdown because of Co-vid, it would seem that there’s more time to tend to things. Actually, it just feels more like I’m drowning because there’s so much to do, and isolation makes it “more”. But… I’m not weary in doing good. As a matter of fact, I have felt an intensity in this season, that God is wanting to say so much more and I had to ask myself, “Am I listening?” …. And so I listened, and I was inspired by the Holy Spirit. I felt ignited with deep questions during this season.

Two new books will be released soon. The first one, The Days of Noah, A Biblical Study of Matthew 24, is poignant for this season. It will be officially launched on September 5th. I’m very excited about this because the book walks you through and you can independently study along with me, as you read the book. Click here to see more details

The second book is yet to be released in a few weeks. It’s entitled, Corona, The Awakening. Again, very poignant for the times and seasons we are living in now, The book covers two words I received from the Holy Spirit during the onset of the Pandemic, and three dreams that left me with clear impressions of what the Holy Spirit is saying in this season.

I encourage you to stay tuned. These books that have been inspired by the Holy Spirit, as I sought him. The messages have impacted me, and I know you’ll be blessed too.

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