Coming alongside a vision for ministry is a completely Biblical principle. The whole purpose as the Body of Christ is to be Co-laborers in Christ together for the sake of the Gospel. As Co-laborers, the Father personally oversees the blessing because of our giving, (Luke 6:38) as well as theContinue Reading

There’s a practice that is being used as a doctrine in the body of Christ, however, it is not scriptural and it brings condemnation on believers. Someone may have approached you to tell you that the reason there is adversity, trials or sickness in your life is due to sinContinue Reading

Hey Friends, It’s been a while, but I have a good reason for such a slow update. I finished my last engagement for the Spring on June 2nd.  Every event this Spring has been wonderful and I’ve seen God touching so many hearts, from Seniors groups, Sunday morning church servicesContinue Reading

Prayerfully consider these four keys to wealth and riches in Christ, to apply them in your walk with Christ. #1 KEYS TO RICHES IN CHRIST (God’s Goodness)– Psalm 72 The goodness of God was displayed in Solomen’s life and he was asking for more because he wanted to look afterContinue Reading

You aren’t troubled with adversity, sickness or trials so that you can be subdued by them. They have a purpose because God never wastes any opportunity to draw you closer to him. They are meant to teach you to pull your strength from God because his strength is perfect. HeContinue Reading

(Relationships in Leadership) “Conditional relationships” are based on one or both person’s need. These relationships are not based on pure acceptance or mutual partnership because when one party of the relationship forms an opinion about the other, a judgemental perspective forms and then they distance themselves from the relationship. CommunicationContinue Reading

You’ll be enjoying a decadent evening! Desserts along with and a powerful message of the “Unbreakable Woman”, Laurie Marks Vincent’s testimony and beautiful music. $8.00 per person at the door    (See details below) WHEN:  June 2nd at 6:45 pm WHERE: West Highland Baptist Church 1605 Garth St., Hamilton ONContinue Reading

Sunday Service 9 am & 11 am – Church Phone 705-549-8477 It’s only fair to share…

Event – Online with Laurie – Music & Ministry. This is a special video presentation of music and testimony with a time of ministry. Released later in April, I’ll have a pre-recorded video made available for those who sign up to receive it. The video explains the details and you’llContinue Reading