“You will be rich in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion

and through us, your generosity will result  in Thanksgiving to God”  

2 Corinthians 9:11 (NIV)


I have focused primarily on ministry, continuing the calling that God has put in my care.  I trust in God to stir hearts since I solely work this ministry on gifts and offerings from concerts, ministry engagements, and generous supporters like you. Your support for special ministry projects makes you an investor in God’s Kingdom.  I can assure you that it all goes to further the Gospel with the life-giving message of Jesus Christ.

Laurie is also the Director of The Blessing Fund. Your support helps her to continue helping Families and individuals in crisis situations when there is no other resource available.


Options for giving online by Debit, Credit Card, Cheque (Bank Draft) and Phone are found at Step 2 on the next page.

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Laurie is able to provide you with a tax-deductible receipt for your generous giving. This is our way of being a good steward of specific projects that are being done.  She and her husband Scott are a department staff members of A.CT International. Each staff member raises their own support for ministry needs, activities, and projects, as an independent department of A.C.T Canada/International. A.C.T keeps a record of all giving, as well as issuing donation receipts. Funds are released to this ministry from the head office in Brentwood, Tennessee.  A reimbursement form is submitted, according to the ministry expenses and community needs.  No charitable funds are held in the care of LMVministry’s personal account to use “at will”.

ACT_LogoOur Mission & Purpose

Artists in Christian Testimony Canada (A.C.T) exists to mobilize and equip artistic and innovative ministries, ministers and missionaries for the work of the church around the world. We are an evangelical, interdenominational Christian ministry of artistic ministers and missionaries who carry out various works of the New Testament Church.