In the days ahead, more and more we see Bible Prophecy unfolding. It’s such a vast subject that it can be very overwhelming. One of the primary questions asked today includes, “Is there such a thing as a rapture?”, “if so, when is it?” In less than 80 pages of this little book, the author takes you on a journey from the “Taken” in Matthew 24, into a very direct study, dissecting Matthew 24. You are walked through scripture that leads to revealing the truth about the Rapture, the timing of the signs, as well as exactly which Trumpet the Bride of Christ will hear. Many people differ in the opinions of this subject but rest assured, this is pure Biblical research that cracks the code on this topic. The study reveals Greek root words of the original Biblical text, making it easy to decipher the meaning, and brings more understanding to light. It reveals Biblical truth regarding, the Bride of Christ versus the Elect, Tribulation Saints, the rapture, and the trumpet blow for the catching away of the Bride and how it affects the 2nd Coming of Christ described in the book of Revelation. Now, more than ever, we need to understand the signs and the seasons.

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