While the Israelites were enslaved under Pharaoh, there was a breakthrough coming through God’s servant Moses.  If you have never watched the movie, The Ten Commandments, now would be a good time to get a vintage movie experience of the entire story. It is a story of freedom.  The Jews were bound in their captivity, suffering greatly by Pharoah’s SLAVERY.  Another aspect is the MIRACLES that God did for them. These supernatural events exhibited God’s power, proving he was greater than Pharaoh. It was a testament that He is the one true God.  The third point to celebrate is the SACRIFICE.  The Passover lamb was sacrificed and its blood was spread on the doorposts of each Jewish home under Pharaoh’s bondage.  The blood provided a protective covering to escape death and saved the firstborn of every Jewish family when the Angel of Death passed over. Finally, staring into the face of death, their DELIVERANCE and freedom was in their reach as they were freed from Egypt while Pharaoh watched the Angel of Death take his own firstborn.

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From slavery to miracles, covering under the blood, escaping death’s door, and into deliverance. These are the events that parallel the message of the cross. Jesus’ name in Hebrew is Yeshua and His sacrifice released us from the SLAVERY TO SIN. We would be unable to reach His standard of righteousness or have any fellowship with the Heavenly Father, without Christ’s SACRIFICE.  His life on earth was also about demonstrating the Father’s love and power through the MIRACLES He did. He is Yeshua, the Christ, meaning the Anointed One. Yeshua had the power and authority to defeat sin then and He still does today.  He draws our entire being from death to life, because of His shed blood to wash our sin away, and into life found in Him. His resurrection sealed our fate, giving us victory over death and the grave! We have new life in the Messiah, DELIVERANCE from the bondage of sin and into fellowship with God (Romans 6:4) otherwise, we would still be slaves.

As Passover approached, Jesus sat with the disciples at the table and demonstrated, “Do this in remembrance of me.”, before he went to the cross. As we receive the unleavened bread, which is the sacrificial Lamb, Jesus, and the new wine, which represents the New Covenant, they are the treasured elements of the Lord’s Supper. Like the Jews who were set free from bondage, these elements remind us we are brought out of slavery. Praise the Lord Most High! The message of Passover is the message of the Cross.