There’s a practice that is being used as a doctrine in the body of Christ, however, it is not scriptural and it brings condemnation on believers. Someone may have approached you to tell you that the reason there is adversity, trials or sickness in your life is due to sin in your life. This notion from people who are “tale-bearers of sin” fail to hear from God. Although a tale-bearer is someone who is a gossiper, some also take another perspective. They may claim to have discernment or a prophetic word from God for¬†you. Tale-bearers are not being used by God and their words are a lie from the enemy. Scripture tells us that under grace, there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. [Romans 8:1] They may see that you are being hit from all sides with attacks that are slowly breaking you down til you have nothing left to fight with, but God’s Word is full of promises and tells us what our rightful position is on this. Romans 8:37 sums it up by telling us that “in ALL these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us.” If the tale-bearer is right, proposing that we suffer because we are in sin, then the work Christ accomplished on the cross would be incomplete and his grace would not be enough. This is absolutely not true. It also goes against the character of God to use believers to lay judgment on other believers. It is the job of the Holy Spirit to lay conviction on each of us. It’s true that our disobedience will reap consequences and we will have natural consequences for our wrongful actions or sin. However, it is important to know that under the law of grace, it is not God who punishes when we face trials. It’s possible that it can be an attack from the enemy, or simply the result of living in a fallen world, or disobedience has opened a door that gives the enemy a right to step in and stir up trouble. In light of this, the Word of God has a remedy for that too. We can claim his promise in Isaiah 54:7. “There is no weapon formed against us (from the enemy) that will prosper.” Examine your heart before the Lord, don’t justify your actions or wrongful doing, then simply respond to your accuser of the brethren, “God does not reveal to man, what he has covered by his grace.”

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