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Photo Credit: Scott Vincent

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the amazing opportunities that God has opened. My husband Scott and I have pressed forward with a great deal of prayer and waiting on God. Over the years, we have made a number of sacrifices to be able to minister where God has led us. I may always be in the forefront, but my husband definitely stands to guard and supports what God has entrusted to us. Together we continue to bear vision and faith for what God has ahead. We would like to invite you to prayerfully partner with what God is doing through these exciting ministry opportunities.

Best Life Television

Laurie produced radio devotionals for Racman Christian Radio approximately 5 years ago that spread across hundreds of thousands of listeners and more than 30 outlets in just a year. Before that, she co-hosted a radio show called The Rock Christian Radio Show broadcasting on 24 radio stations, reaching college students and regular Christian radio station listeners. At the time there were approximately 10 outlets for Christian Radio and so the show reached beyond Christian Radio listeners in Canada. Do you remember when television ministries were just starting out? Before all of this, it was in 1987, Laurie and Scott both worked at 100 Huntley Street, where Christian Television in Canada was birthed.

Grace Talk

In 2020, Best Life Network first approached Laurie about producing a Christian radio show. Best Life Network quickly found an open door to become involved in the “streaming television” ministry. Laurie already had a vision for this prior and had begun developing Zoom interviews with people that had powerful testimonies. This includes Authors, Christian Music Artists, and influencers of the Faith. Best Life didn’t hesitate to offer Laurie a developing role in the station and to develop her own programs as well. The program will be called, Grace Talk. It will include inspirational video, a devotional messages, music, and the interviews with guests. From time to time, the inspirational music videos that Laurie has created will also be aired on the program.

Grace Talk Interview with Nicole C. Mullen

Best Life TV Network has just launched to an audience of Billions through Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, and streaming online from their website and through an app for iPhones and Androids. The opportunity to spread the Gospel is unlimited through these outlets.

Sparky’s Place

Laurie and Scott were married in November of 1987 and immediately embarked into ministry. Laurie was known for ministering with special music and concerts in the area where she grew up. After they were married, Laurie received an invitation to sing at a Family Camp Concert. An impromptu opportunity to develop something special for children was also requested. From that moment, The King’s Court Children’s ministry was birthed. Laurie created all the puppets and wrote the scripts with Scott. She also wrote special songs with a message that related to the many Biblical lessons taught to children. All of the content was original. Throughout the 10 years that The King’s Court travelled across Ontario Canada, they did Vacation Bible Schools, Super Saturday Specials and Children’s Evangelism Outreach. One of the sweetest memories was when the children lined up to give a hug to the silly and shaggy, fun-loving puppet, Sparky the dog (AKA Shaggy). Scott and Laurie were blessed and overwhelmed to witness floods of children who accepted Jesus as their personal Savior.

Listen to Laurie share about the memories and the new vision, “Sparky’s Place”

Video length 5:16

Laurie and Scott are refreshing all those Bible lessons, unique and original object lessons and songs from the King’s Court as well as writing new ones too. This new children’s segment, “Sparky’s Place”, will feature Sparky the dog (AKA Shaggy) and a few of his puppet friends, teaching Children about the love of God and Biblical principles that encourage a genuine relationship with God. The videos of these segments will also be available for any Church, especially small churches and church plantings who would like to use them to develop a Children’s ministry in their area.

How Do We Get Started?

We need your help! For Grace Talk and Sparky’s Place, Laurie and Scott will need a minimum “start-up” of $3000-$5000 This includes set/stage set up, some initial production costs and some technical equipment. It’s a small beginning but the finished basement is a perfect place to film each program. There is some equipment such as lighting, cameras, mics and props/furniture that need to be set in place, as well as cost for some music production. We have estimated cost since we are still researching the precise brands of cameras, mics and so on, but we trust the Lord to provide and to lead us to the right equipment as we continue to source them out. We already have speakers/monitors and one Shure SM 58 microphone.

The Passion Project

An extraordinary encounter with the Messiah unfolds in this short film and music video. It starts from the moment their eyes meet, they follow him, then witness his Crucifixion and Resurrection. His promise is true. One day we will be with him in eternity.

This video tells the story from the perspective of a woman who follows after Jesus during his ministry on earth. She believes his words and now can testify that he is real because she is now in paradise with him. The stage is set from heaven, as each step of her encounter tells a story of all that she and the disciples witness during their time with Christ on earth. The frames are choregraphed to sync with a song written by Laurie, entitled, “Come to the Cross”.


It’s the message of the Gospel. Yes, there is a real-life encounter and this is the testimony of those so who have experienced his tangible presence today. Imagine heaven’s stage opening up. The curtain draws back and you experience a first-hand account of journeying with Jesus while he walked on the earth? It is our hope that this will be a powerful tool of evangelism in these last days. We need to continue telling the world about Jesus. He is coming soon and we are partakers in the Gospel, because the harvest is ready. Should this video be available in one form or fashion during the Great Tribulation, we trust that God will use it to draw the lost to him during that time.

Video length 5:28

The Music

A demonstration of the song, “Come to the Cross”, has been created for the purpose of experiencing the lyrics and how the song will sound. However, there is more to experience because the music production still needs to be completed. The music mix is only “demo” quality because the music production is not complete. This portion of the music production, the “rhythm track” that you hear, has already been paid for.

Since it’s produced by Grammy Award-winning music producer Rick Balentine, we have a sure foundation for this song. We will be using the music that is already produced while adding more so that it is fully orchestrated to powerfully communicate this life-saving message.

Listen> Come to the Cross – Rough Mix and Draft Vocal

Video Production

The Passion Project will mix stock footage and real footage that we will have to create with a professional video company. This will include actors who have faith in Christ, and “on-location” film shoots that can take two to three days to complete. Once all the footage is recorded, it will be approximately one month before the entire project is ready to launch and for the public to view. We hope to film all the necessary footage by the Fall of 2022.


These projects are never without great expense, running up to $100,000.00. However, we have access to some creative and less expensive means, such as quality produced stock footage that will still provide us with excellent results.

We estimate that with volunteers, stock footage, prop theatre supplies, video filming, production and logged hours of editing, this production will cost us a mere $15-18,000. This is certainly a far cry from $100,000 but the message and video quality will not be compromised.

Counting the Cost

All of these projects, Grace Talk, Sparky’s Place, and The Passion Project have one goal. The Gospel has no price tag. God’s grace is free, and we cannot put a price tag on the value of saving one soul for Jesus.

Your role in these productions is highly valuable. There are creative ways to do your part. Various ideas which have proven to be beneficial include raising funds through lawn sales and car washes. Your contribution is an investment in the Kingdom of God. No matter how little or how great, it is treasured when it’s placed in God’s hands. It all goes into developing and continuing to sustain these projects to share the message of the Gospel. Let’s partner with God
to change lives eternally!

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the Vision that God has placed on our hearts.

Connect with Laurie & Scott

To set up a phone conversation, please use the email to set up a time and date for a phone
conversation or zoom call.

Charity to Charity

Scott and Laurie reside and operate their ministry in Canada.

If you are a non-profit, licensed charitable organization and wish to sponsor this ministry with a gift…

Cheques may be mailed to the Canadian Address

Scott and Laurie Vincent, 823 Southdale Road East, London Ontario, N6E 1V7



Laurie and Scott are able to provide a tax-deductible receipt for your generous giving. This is their way of being a good steward of specific projects that are being done.  Together they are department staff members of A.CT International. Each staff member raises their own support for ministry needs, activities, and projects, as an independent department of A.C.T Canada/International. A.C.T keeps a record of all giving, as well as issuing donation receipts. Funds are released to this ministry from the head office in Brentwood, Tennessee.  A reimbursement form is submitted, according to the ministry expenses and community needs.  No charitable funds are held in the care of LMVministry’s personal account to use “at will”.


Our Mission & Purpose

Artists in Christian Testimony Canada (A.C.T) exists to mobilize and equip artistic and innovative ministries, ministers and missionaries for the work of the church around the world. We are an evangelical, inter-denominational Christian ministry of artistic ministers and missionaries who carry out various works of the New Testament Church.

Canadian Charitable License No: 852722594 RR 0001 — A.C.T Dept # 0155 — Website

International Head Office

Artists in Christian Testimony Intl.
P.O. Box 1649, Brentwood, TN 37024-1649 USA ·


Email: — Website

Expenditure List

Minimal Listfor Sparky’s Place and Grace Talk

(alternate to the Full List below based on budget availability)

Studio Construction- Door Installation/Paint/sound proofing on back of door – total – $700.00

Studio Furniture $500

Cameras (quantity=1 with stand) $1000 see example below

Lights $350.00 (includes taxes) see example below

Production Computer $2250 (includes taxes) see example below

Full List for Sparky’s Place and Grace Talk

Studio Construction — Door installation/ Studio Backdrop framing/paint/some sound proofing $2500.00

Studio Furniture $1000 (we have room for seating (10 ft) and some embellishments since we already have other furniture

Cameras (2) $2000 approximate with stands

Camera Example

Lights Front & Back lighting $350 (includes taxes)

Lighting Example

Production Computer with solid state drive for fast processing. $2250 includes taxes

Computer Example

The Passion Project

Music Production – $4500

Video Production

Post Production, ($8,000) on location shoots, props/set construction/costume supply, ($3000)

Contingency $2000

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