(Relationships in Leadership)

“Conditional relationships” are based on one or both person’s need. These relationships are not based on pure acceptance or mutual partnership because when one party of the relationship forms an opinion about the other, a judgemental perspective forms and then they distance themselves from the relationship. Communication to discuss these discrepancies is often weak in these types of relationships. In some relationships, a sense of competition causes one party to look down on the other. This is a form of compensating when they may feel they have lesser value than the other party in the relationship.

Jesus never responded or reacted in relationships like this. He never did any of these things. He never separated himself from people but loved them and always let them know they were accepted. He was always inclusive, not exclusive. He never placed boundaries in relationships to get away from people but instead, he redirected their misaligned thoughts and only secluded himself for a brief time to rest and recharge.  He determined to set people free and send them on a path of victory, healing, deliverance, and success. He truly demonstrated the Kingdom of God.

Even as Believers in Christ, the fullness of his love can never totally be experienced because he is so great. We will never realize the fullness of his unconditional love until we reach our eternal home. As leaders, we define his love, with the very expressed love of Christ working in us and through us, by example in words or through our actions.  They have to experience his love before they can live it and share it, as they grow to be a leader with a servant’s heart too. I encourage you today to take the positive in people, especially the one who is left out or seen as the outsider. Build them up. Help them to realize that they can step to a higher level in their gifts, abilities, and in their walk with God. Then be practical and provide them with resources to send them on their way. Don’t harbor jealousy of other’s success but join with them to celebrate. Be genuine and active in other’s successes. This is the reflection of a leader who has a servant”s heart.

by Laurie Marks Vincent. – copyright, The Little Book of Abundance. You are welcome to share this on social networks, however, please do not copy without the expressed written permission of the author.

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