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Soft Cover Print

Wings To Victory

wtv-web-coverA true story of faith and hope that led to miraculous healing from Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue. Laurie highlights the journey of faith and the pivoting moment that God miraculously set her free from thirteen years of suffering.

Discover more about this inspiring story filled with keys of faith and truth. Read what others say who have read “Wings To Victory”. Click the book image to the left.

Available also to download in PDF.more_info_orng


21 Days of Declaration (for a King’s Daughter)

coming Spring 2017

21-days-pr-webThey say it takes 21 days to break a bad habit or renew your mind. You will be blessed by discovering how just 21 days can increase your hope and faith. Through the Word of God, strengthen or change your perspective, perhaps even removing the lies and wrong ideas about ourselves. There is always room to grow. There is always a higher place we can go in our walk with God.  Just like the body can benefit from a 21 day cleanse, so can our spirit and mind too.  Let scripture shape your heart, cleanse and renew your mind as you walk through 21 days of devotionals and scripture to meditate on. Refresh your spirit, with a declaration of faith as your rightful place in God’s kingdom as a King’s daughter.

The Garden Window

Charlyse is 8 years old when she loses her Father due to a tragic accident. This short story takes you on a journey through Charlyse and her Mother Jenna’s journey to find perfect love. While the enemy is stirring warfare behind the scenes, a stranger named Michael is sent as their protector.(Fiction)

Comes with a study outline of verses about the Father’s Love.  Downloads in PDF

A New Thing – Advent Devotional Series

A series of 6 Devotionals, walking you through the Advent weeks and leading into the New Year.  They are written to challenge you today with the amazing journey of Christ’s birth when it all began.

Devotional Titles are:  “The Hope of His Coming”  “Love Came Down” “Entering His Joy”  “All The Pieces” “Where The Light Shines”  “Leap of Faith” – Downloads in PDF

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