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Wings to Victory

A true story of faith and hope that led to miraculous healing from Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue. It’s a love story and a life that divinely orchestrated. Laurie highlights the journey of faith and the pivoting moment that God miraculously set her free from thirteen years of suffering. Laurie also shares some practical methods she used to help her through this medical condition.

She shares part of her story when she speaks at Christian events and Church Services.

Discover more about this inspiring story filled with keys of faith and truth. Read what others say who have read “Wings To Victory”. Click the book image to the left.more_info_orng



The Garden Window

Charlyse is 8 years old when she loses her Father due to a tragic accident. This short story takes you on a journey through Charlyse and her Mother Jenna’s journey to find perfect love. While the enemy is stirring warfare behind the scenes, a stranger named Michael is sent as their protector.(Fiction) more_info_orng




The Days of Noah

In these last days, it’s important to keep perspective on Bible prophecy.  This book walks through Laurie’s personal study and insight that she has gleaned from the Word of God starting with Matthew 24 and parallels scripture that line up in the book of Revelation. The study is in-depth, and often defines the words written in the original text of the scriptures to discover the root meaning of the scriptures. 

Early in 2021,  Watch for Laurie’s newest book Corona, The Awakening.  She reveals three prophetic dreams that the Lord gave her at the beginning of 2020 and the faith-filled challenge of the awakening that is ahead for the Church.


Coming in 2021

Days of Grace 

A Heavenly Perspective of a King’s Daughter  July 2020

When the Healing Doesn’t Come.


When we need a breakthrough and we’ve tried so hard to believe. When it seems that our prayers are bouncing off the ceilings and faith seems to be lost, let’s walk together, through biblical truths to secure our hope and put our steps of faith in order. These are truths I learned during my journey to miraculous healing.

This book is very short, with capsulated truths that get to the point. This is a companion study to my current book “Wings to Victory”, (see below) which is my testimony of when the Lord miraculously healed me from Fibromyalgia, Chronic, and Fatigue.

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