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A true story of break-through, victory, the unseen realm of the heavens, faith, hope, and healing, “Wings To Victory”.

WingsToVictory_wThe Lord healed Laurie of Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue and Depression in 2001. Although she has shared part of her story at appearances, never would she be able to highlight all the powerful events in her journey, that allowed her to receive healing from God. This book just does that! This is an incredible eye-opening story that reveals so many truths about our physical, emotional and spiritual journey. Laurie also shares the practical changes that she was led to make as she walked through this 13-year struggle with an unknown condition. The Rev. Dr. Ed Hird, who is a Pastor and Author, comments about Laurie’s story,  “Others will be inspired for break-through in their own lives.”  Read how mysteries regarding faith and hope are unlocked to encourage her faith until she miraculously received a touch and healing from God.

This is the extended edition with two new chapters as well as an additional 30 pages of details added to this powerful life testimony.  All proceeds from purchases go toward ministering the Gospel through ministry projects. 

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