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Inspiring conversation with people telling their story of God’s grace.

Official Launch to be announced soon.

Our first guest, Pastor Michelle Sim. She is also an Author and Singer among her many gifts from the Lord. I loved our conversation and how it will speak to the heart of women, as we discuss her book, “The Woman”. I can’t wait to release it. Watch for her inspiring story, posted here soon.

Nicole C. Mullen

Nicole C. Mullen, Grammy nominee, and multiple Dove Award winner is our next guest. This was an amazing interview. She’s telling her story of liberty in Christ, letting him take the lead in relationships as she talks about with the release of her brand new book. Discover a special offer from Nicole if you’re watching this episode. Watch for it posted soon.

Juda Myers tells her riveting testimony. She has a reason to celebrate life. Conceived in rape, you’ll hear a story of restoration and peace about God’s plan, with a mission for life. You will enjoy her story and you’ll want to celebrate life with her. Coming soon.

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Interviews days are Tuesdays, pre-recorded on Zoom, but another day can be arranged if requested.

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