A short film - music video echoing across the land, in these last days, the final message . . .  "Come to the Cross". 

The Passion Project

An extraordinary encounter with the Messiah unfolds in this short film and music video. It starts from the moment their eyes meet. They follow him and then witness his Crucifixion and Resurrection. His promise is true. One day we will be with Him in eternity.  This video tells the story from the perspective of a woman who follows Jesus during his ministry on earth. She believes his words and now can testify that he is real because she is now in paradise with him. The stage is set from heaven, as each step of her encounter tells a story of all that she and the disciples witness during their time with Christ on earth. The frames are choreographed to sync with a song written by Laurie, entitled, “Come to the Cross”.


It’s the message of the Gospel. Yes, there is a real-life encounter and this is the testimony of those so who have experienced his tangible presence today. Imagine heaven’s stage opening up. The curtain draws back and you experience a first-hand account of journeying with Jesus while he walked on the earth? It is our hope that this will be a powerful tool of evangelism in these last days. We need to continue telling the world about Jesus. He is coming soon and we are partakers in the Gospel, because the harvest is ready. Should this video be available in one form or fashion during the Great Tribulation, we trust that God will use it to draw the lost to him during that time.
The Passion Passion
The Story behind the song "Come to the Cross" and it's purpose. 

The Music 

A demonstration of the song, “Come to the Cross”, has been created for the purpose of experiencing the lyrics and approximately how the song will sound. However, there is more to experience because the music production still needs to be completed. The music mix is only “demo” quality because the music production is not complete. This portion of the music production, the “rhythm track” that you hear, has already been paid for.

Since it’s produced by Grammy Award-winning music producer Rick Balentine, we have a sure foundation for this song. We will be using the music that is already produced while adding more so that it is fully orchestrated to powerfully communicate this life-saving message.

The Video

The Passion Project will mix stock footage and as much real footage as possible, to create the production with a professional video company. This will include actors who have faith in Christ, and “on-location” film shoots that can take two to three days to complete. Once all the footage is recorded, it will be approximately one month before the entire project is ready to launch and for the public to view. 

The following video plays a rough music mix of "Come to the Cross". Please understand you are receiving the opportunity to listen to a song that is NOT finished and has not been released yet. The song is still a rough studio mix. It is NOT digitally mastered and NOT its's final format. This is simply to give you an idea of the song and the lyrics. 

The video below that plays with the song is only an illustration of the storyline and concept for the official music video. This footage is stock footage and some will be used in conjunction with on-location footage shot specifically for this project when filming begins in August 2022.

Please prayerfully consider how important the message and this project are. We need your help to cover further production and editing costs.    

Come to the cross - Demo version
Listen to the demo version of "Come to the Cross". 


These projects are never without great expense, running up to $100,000 (One Hundred Thousand). However, we have access to some creative and less expensive means, such as quality produced stock footage (some you have seen in the video above) that will still provide us with excellent results.

We estimate that with volunteers, stock footage, prop theatre supplies, video filming, production and logged hours of editing, this production will cost us a mere $10,000-$13,000. This is certainly a far cry from $100,000 but the message and video quality will not be compromised. 

Counting the Cost

The Passion Project has one goal. The Gospel has no price tag. God’s grace is free, and we cannot put a price tag on the value of saving one soul for Jesus.  Video Media is a powerful tool to communicate and demonstrate the Gospel. Time is short and we want to reach as many as we can before the Lord's return.  Your role in this production is highly valuable. There are creative ways to do your part. Various ideas which have proven to be beneficial include raising funds through lawn sales and car washes.  Simply giving a gift as you are led by the Holy Spirit is all that matters. Your tax-deductible contribution is an investment in the Kingdom of God. No matter how little or how great, it is treasured when it’s placed in God’s hands. It all goes into developing and completing these projects to share the message of the Gospel. We are partnering with God to bring the lost home. Let’s partner with God to change lives eternally!

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.  office@lmvministry.com    519-398-1555

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