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We love to hear from you!  Connecting and sharing with you, whether it's social media, in person or in other ways, is valuable to us.  We have a hope in Christ and his grace that makes a difference. . knowing that the Body of Christ is connecting and caring together ignites our hearts to serve the Lord even more.  As Brothers and Sisters in Christ, we love you!  Your prayers for this ministry mean so much.  

In  the Love of Christ, 
Laurie & Scott
A Special message from Laurie 
Thank you so much for stopping by! This is the very reason that you've been invited to visit this page. Please take just 10 minutes to hear this special message that is on my heart.   Simply click the video to the left.

Thank you & God Bless You

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The Blessing Fund

As a Kingdom Partner you can help  Scott & Laurie with outreach to meet special needs and the homeless on the streets.

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Support the media ministry and all the creative ventures Laurie uses to share the Gospel with the nations.  Receive free worship music written by Laurie.

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To arrange Kingdom Partnership by a phone call, please let us know and we will give you call. or call 519-398-1555 10 am to 3 pm EST
Laurie Marks Vincent

About the Charity

Laurie can provide you with a tax-deductible receipt for your generous giving. This is our way of being a good steward of specific projects that are being done.  She and her husband Scott are department staff members of A.CT International. Each staff member raises their own support for ministry needs, activities, and projects, as an independent department of A.C.T Canada/International. A.C.T keeps a record of all giving, as well as issuing donation receipts. Funds are released to this ministry from the head office in Brentwood, Tennessee.  A reimbursement form is submitted, according to the ministry expenses and community needs.  No charitable funds are held in the care of the LMVministry’s account to use “at will”.

A.C.T International -  Our Mission & Purpose  Artists in Christian Testimony Canada (A.C.T) exists to mobilize and equip artistic and innovative ministries, ministers, and missionaries for the work of the church around the world. We are an evangelical, interdenominational Christian ministry of artistic ministers and missionaries who carry out various works of the New Testament Church. https://www.actinternational.org/

Listen Online

Laurie's music is available to listen online through music listening platforms like Spotify, iTunes, and Apple Music. Just search for her name, Laurie Marks Vincent on your favourite music platform.