About the Music Videos

The song “My Deliverer” received two top ten nominations.  One from the Artists Music Guild, at the time, hailing from Nashville TN and a second from the Fam Film Fest, at the time that it was taking place in the Carolinas,, United States.  It also won a “VidWatch” Award for Best Independent Artist Music Video.  

The rest of the songs is a series of videos called “Songs from the Sanctuary. These songs are meditative songs that have been a blessing and ministered to so many over the years.  This series is in development with more to come.
My Deliverer Music Video
Watch the Official Music Video.  It has won many honorable mentions and nominations, yet the stories of how it has touched many people until they received their breakthrough is the biggest blessing of all. 
Under The Shadow of your wings
Inspired by Psalm 91, a restful and worshipful song to minister to the soul.
O God, You are my God
A meditative song of worship from Psalm 63 that speaks peace, assurance and worship to the heart.
What a Friend we have in jesus 
This is a version of the popular hymn.  A blessing with a new sound using the same lyrics a new chorus.