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T-shirt Designs by Laurie

Wear your faith, Tastefully designed in several colors, styles, and messages for men and women.  She's always creating a new design, Take a look at what's available right now.

Proceeds go to various ministry projects

Helping Believers Prosper

More than a SIDE HUSTLE?  In these times of economic shift, Laurie was praying for an opportunity that would be a blessing to everyone.  A divine appointment caused her to connect with several people. A few of those people are introduced in this video. No, it's not a potion or a lotion. It's like nothing you have ever heard of. The video is an online information meeting that was done on Facebook, where all the people involved are Christians. The two men who started this company are also strong believers in Christ.  Discover great possibilities. 
[Sorry, Open to U.S citizens only]

Saved from the Wreckage

It's so amazing to see God move in the lives of others,  There are so many needs to be filled, but we can do it together. Read the short little story of how two little boys were saved from the wreckage, a community that pulled together, and how God had a hand in it. 

The Sanctuary Project.

Go to the music page to discover the newest worship song, "Sweetest Name I Know."  Download your own personal copy to use during the quiet times with the Lord.

The Helping Hand Project.

The Blessing Fund is a department of our ministry that reaches people who have needs and special circumstances.  We're preparing for the Thanksgiving and Christmas season now.  How wonderful it would be to partner with God on this special mission.  Please visit the link below for more information. 

When God Sent A Dog

Discover this delightful and heartfelt true story.  It's an E-Book Release and available for FREE.  A new chapter is released each week. 

Subscribe to Laurie's Newsletter 

Faith-building, encouraging content. Subscribe to Laurie's Newsletter and discover the heart of the mission.  
Receive updates, free downloads,  video content to view and so much more..      SUBSCRIBE


Devotional: Can Jesus Use Your Boat? 
Discover the challenge presented in Luke 5 when Jesus used Peter's boat.
Laurie Marks Vincent

PAROUSIA The 2nd Coming

Discover some of the most insightful, thought-provoking points that connect the dots between Matthew 24, the other Olivet Discourse chapters, and the book of Revelation. 

Laurie's new book is a result of decades of research, unraveling the culture, the original scripture manuscripts, and the events that connect together, that clarify the epic symbolism of prophetic scripture.

It will help you to pinpoint the times and seasons and discern where we are right now in this very season.  PAROUSIA The 2nd Coming will contend with the heart of the matter as well

Definitely, a quick read but it's a mighty little book, packed full of a lot of information to digest.

It's ON SALE, 50% OFF until Sept 1st, 2023

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Laurie Marks Vincent

The Easy Yoke 

Are you finding it hard to face the circumstances in life at this moment?  Are you weary or don't know how you're going to get through day by day?

Discover why Jesus tells us to take his yoke because his burden is easy and light.

Laurie Marks Vincent

Easter Devotional

An inspiring devotional during this Easter Season. 

Have you moved?  What can be shaken?

Discover the glue that brings value to relationships and how it relates to what Jesus has done for us on the cross. 

The Blessing Fund

This is a department of our ministry. Pop over to The Blessing Fund to read about some recent Blessings and the way God is moving in the hearts of people. 

A Christmas Devotional 

Discover the profound connection between two women in two different Biblical times. Where sin and redemption meet. 
Devotional: When You Keep Praying and No Results


Every once in a while, I have a conversation with someone who says, "I wish I could do what you're doing. I would love to travel and speak at churches, share my music or write a book"."  The part that is painstaking is when I have to tell them that they can't . . .  because they don't know the sacrifices and what culminated to bring me to this place.  No two journeys are alike but God has a specific purpose and plan for each of us. The beautiful part is that we can relate to one another in so many ways.  So, I packed some lessons learned in the Word of God from my journey, into a two-part devotional.  I pray it brings insight and encouragement for your personal journey.  
Part 1 and Part 2 


To my surprise, all updates from June to October on the website have disappeared when there was a software update on my website. Well! No worries. We'll just spend some time catching up. 
We're working on the LMV Ministry App for Apple and Android, Currently, the LMV Ministry  App is ready for Android users.  When you download the app, you get direct updates, devotionals, free downloads and Christian Resources.  
Go to the Google Playstore and search "LMV ministry". Download it and check for updates.  
Watch for more updates coming soon
Laurie Marks Vincent


When you write your first book there's so much to learn.  All Laurie knew is that she had to write the story on paper.  The original has been revised with several new chapters, more detail and insight that completes a full picture of the journey. 
Laurie unlocks faith principles that were like supernatural mysteries and walks the reader through some valuable lessons that led up to the pivoting moment when she received a miraculous healing from the Lord, free from Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue and Depression..
Justin Baker in make-up for the role of Jesus


On August 13, (2022) we filmed the scenes for the Passion Project.  Justin Baker plays the role of Jesus. Dena Baker (wife-pictured left) also is involved in the video as well. Her make-up skills for the crucifixion scene were also amazing.  Several others joined the cast, and filming lasted from 1 pm to 8 pm that day.  The day was perfect for filming and editing now begins.  The short-film/music video features a new song, yet unreleased, written and performed by Laurie entitled, "Come to the Cross".  The production is expected to eventually be translated into a number of different languages and used as an evangelism tool to share the Gospel.  A release date will be announced late 2022.. closer to the completion of the project.

Increasing Faith Fellowship

Laurie will be ministering in the Sunday Morning Service at Increasing Faith Fellowship, She is the guest speaker and music for the service.   A video of her message will be posted later.  

50 Finkle Street, Woodstock Ontario Canada. 
Laurie Marks Vincent


Laurie was a guest on GMI hub (Youtube).  She gave a profound message about 3 ways to invest in your calling.  Especially for those who are called to minister through the arts, however, no matter how God has called you to serve, these are three principles that you can't ignore.  
More about The Passion Project


We are in the beginning stages to prepare for the filming of The Passion Project.  
This is the 7-week mark since Laurie's surgery and recovery has been consistent, and better every day. She is still in physiotherapy but progressing so quickly, that she is ahead of the average recovery schedule.  We praise God for quick healing and recovery. 
Her show Grace Talk was put on hold during this season of recovery but editing and production will begin soon so that the first season will be airing in August 2022.

River of Life Church

Laurie will be ministering at the 9 am and 11 am service, at River of Life Church, June 12, 2022 in Midland Ontario, Canada


June 12/22 - Booked for a live appearance at River of Life Church, Midland Ontario 
June 5/22 - A new compilation of Laurie's music released over the last 22 years is available for digital download. Just click the Music Link to find it there.
June 1/22 - Re-release of Laurie's books are richer in content and have received excellent reviews. You can check them out at the Books Link.

Laurie Marks Vincent

Spring 2020- Pre-Covid Newletter

In November 2019, I was invited to minister at a conference in Texas. Sharing music and three messages during the conference, there was a very strong presence of the Holy Spirit from the beginning. Starting with a message about seeking the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives, it was clear throughout the entire conference that his presence became more intense. Snippets of the messages will be posted online later. We will be sure to let you know. We also thoroughly enjoyed their heart to worship the Lord, great Texas food and warm hospitality.
Ronald Kezimbira Kyobe, Director of The Ushindi Africa Children’s Choir and Foundation was in contact with the ministry, asking permission to record Laurie’s song, Healing Waters Flow.  She was expected to join them on tour in 2020. The tour has been postponed until the pandemic is over, but the recording is expected to go forward.  Please keep them in prayer as they press forward with God’s calling for the Ushindi Africa Children’s Choir. 
The Blessing Fund ( a department of this ministry) has been able to help a number of people that have had special needs in difficult circumstances.  Although we don’t talk about it much, this is a division of the ministry that we have been doing for more than 2 years now. We have an opportunity to reach individuals and minister the love of Jesus. It’s been such a blessing to be a blessing, and we are so grateful for our partners with The Blessing Fund.
Among a number of needs, we were able to help an elderly lady afford the proper shoes she needed. Her ankles had collapsed and she could no longer walk any more than a few steps with pain.   I went with her to her appointment when her specially fitted pair of custom orthotics were ready for her.  The first time she slipped her feet into her new Summer sandals, she stood up and began to cry with joy and relief.  She said it was the first time she hadn’t felt any pain standing up in such a long time. You can see the difference between the two pictures. 

The first one shows her ankles leaning inward and the front of her foot laying flat to the outside. The second picture shows her foot aligned with her ankle. 


This shows her ankles leaning inward and the front of her foot laying flat to the outside, without wearing custom support orthotics made especially for her needs. 


This shows how the custom designed orthotics align her ankle and and foot in the proper posture. 

The Blessing Fund

Many of the crisis situations that we encounter are urgent needs and require having funds readily available.  We have a very small monthly reserve that we can work with and when we don’t have it, we do try to raise funds quickly, however, this makes us limited to what we can do efficiently. This is a “home-mission” cause. God has done so much with so little invested. Please help us with a small monthly contribution. Your gift is tax-deductible.  Visit The Blessing Fund Website to discover more

Thinking of You

Since social distancing started, of course, it has brought all public ministry to a complete stop. We don’t know when we’ll be free to book ministry engagements again, but we will be planning some online ministry events in the coming weeks. You’ll be receiving notices about these online events soon.

We have also created some videos to minister to your soul during this time. It’s a series of new videos called, Songs from the Sanctuary. I pray that they will be a blessing to you. More videos for this series will be released soon  .Watch Videos

.All Proceeds 100% go to Ministry Projects to further the Gospel and continue ministering to hearts through music and media.  
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